Know Your Exposure Timeline

Most organizations take a long time to remediate critical exposure. Hackers exploit this window of opportunity to attack and infiltrate.


Faster Remediation

Today, fixing an exposure is a long process of locating, triaging the discovery, prioritizing, researching for fixes, and remediating. According to an industry report, security teams take more than six months to fix even an exploitable vulnerability! That is 205 days of exposure especially at a time when ‘ransomware as a service’ is enabling attackers with malicious intent.

Organizations have a critical necessity to improve their IT response time and reduce the Mean Time of Exposure (MToE) if they wish to decrease their attack window. By monitoring remediation response times through quantifiable metrics, they can remediate their exposure before it attracts an attacker.


Driving down latency metrics and thwarting hacking attempts require a platform that enables intelligent patching and orchestration to pinpoint exact patches for their network requirements besides providing ways to track and operationalize remediation. This would also enable C-suite executives to take long-term strategic decisions to harden frontline defense and build digital resilience.

Securin’s combination of continuous discovery, clear asset visibility, automated triaging, and contextual patching reduces a hacker’s window of opportunity to attack the organization.

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