Continuous Attack
Surface Discovery

Asset footprint changes increase the chances of a cyber attack.


The point-in-time view has become obsolete

Today's attack surface is dynamic in nature. With the adoption of SaaS and Cloud solutions, a point-in-time view of an attack surface has become obsolete for security practitioners.

This lack of visibility into organizational assets and attack surfaces is caused by ephemeral cloud assets, certificate and domain expiration, unpatched software, asset scaling, and on-premise server upgrades that are changing organizations' attack surfaces on a daily basis.


Continuous Visibility

The known and unknown organizational assets that exist outside IT’s sphere of visibility often function as entry points for attackers into sensitive systems and can completely blindside practitioners.

Typically these include spun up and abandoned cloud servers, software as a service (SaaS) tools used by teams or third-party applications. Therefore, it becomes essential that teams have continuous visibility into the entirety of their attack surface, even as it changes constantly.

By gaining visibility into ever-changing attack surfaces, organizations can solve visibility issues without compromising innovation.

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